Wellness Services

We believe prevention is the best practice, and there are many different pathways based on individual needs. In addition to prevention practice, we offer services that aid in mind and body restoration.


Your brain is one of the essential organs in your body. If it fails, your life will be negatively impacted. Our cognitive function test measures your brain cells and multiple dimensions of cellular health. Thus, combining both brain performance and cellular health to help pinpoint issues to assist you in attaining your wellness goals effectively.

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Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis (FBCA) is a prevention-centric approach to health management and longevity. Using a comprehensive testing panel, we can identify existing nutritional deficiencies and developing imbalances to prevent the manifestation of severe complications and disease later in life. In addition, this measure allows our clients to track bodily changes over time, adapting proactively. The results are used to formulate appropriate dietary changes and nutritional recommendations to support the body's vital organs, systems, and functions, leading clients back to a state of reclaimed health.

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A practitioner supervised health restoration, weight loss program that targets and decreases inflammation in the body. Urinalysis is used to measure how your body adapts to the program. SHAPE provides the opportunity to learn new habits and healthy living choices. So act now and reclaim your life today!

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Our Nutritional Consultation is an ongoing process between the client and our practitioner. First, the dietary assessment identifies the necessary change in the client's diet to improve health and optimize well-being. Then, after a comprehensive evaluation, an individual plan is formulated around skills and the ability to implement recommended lifestyle changes. This roadmap is uniquely tailored and outlines recommendations for shopping, preparing, and understanding the dietary plan, so results are both measurable and meaningful.

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Facial diagnosis can revolutionize your life, offering you a profound look into how to better your health. Our basic facial diagnosis involves analyzing your facial shape, communication style, genetic tendencies, and more, empowering you to understand yourself and live a more fulfilling life. Non-invasive and only requiring a few photos of your face, we will furnish you with a written report with your face shape plus an explanation of each feature and how they represent your health and personality. Seize the chance to uncover who you are with facial diagnosis.



Unlock the hidden messages in your facial features and discover the true essence of who you are. By better understanding your face shape, you can cultivate a healthier, more authentic lifestyle, as it holds clues to your communication style, health weaknesses and strengths, and overall personality. With the Advanced Diagnosis, you can gain a clearer perspective of your facial diagnosis, plus receive a written report and 30-minute phone consultation for personalized advice and recommendations.