Nutrition is an important part of a holistic wellness plan

A person cannot have optimal health without taking care of their body through proper nutrition. That's because every part and process of the body relies on nutrients obtained primarily through diet to function correctly.

In-Depth consultation

We start with a discovery call to review your health history, discuss present needs, and map out your health goals.


Based on our discovery call and nutritional assessment, I'll create a customized wellness roadmap to guide you towards improving your health and overall well-being.


We meet for a 60-minute session to implement your plan and a 30-minute follow-up to navigate obstacles and reinforce positive practices. Each step of the way, you’ll have accountability and support.

Experience Wellness Beyond the Ordinary

There is no one-size-fits-all. Instead, we look at your unique biochemistry, surrounding environment, and your current stage of life to assess your needs and identify what will bring you into balance. As a result, you can expect personalized care throughout our work together.

We create a custom plan that includes nutrition, herbs, self care practices, breath, and movement. Together, we design a daily routine that fits your lifestyle and meets you where you're at. Our priority is to ensure these traditions meet and support your lifestyle.

There will be time for learning and discussion in our sessions. As a result, you will not only walk away with a comprehensive wellness plan, but a better understanding of your unique constitution and how to care for your mind and body.

The New Client Package


One discovery call to review your health history & map out your health goals. One 60-minute session to implement your plan, one 30-minute follow-up session to navigate roadblocks & reinforce new habits. Email support & check-ins between meetings. 


Transform your relationship with food and learn the foundations of health. Discover everyday tools for greater health, develop a nurturing self-care practice and release self-limiting habits & thought patterns.


New Client Package | $350