Founded by Latricia Wright, Olive Seed was born from a vision to enlighten individuals about the transformative power of proper nutrition. Latricia's journey into natural health began in her teens after losing her father to a brain aneurysm and her grandmother to diabetes. These personal health challenges propelled her to study nutrition, a quest that became even more urgent as she sought to alleviate her husband's health issues, which mirrored those of her father.

Through her dedication to understanding the intricate relationship between nutrition and body chemistry, Latricia discovered the profound healing potential of informed lifestyle choices. Today, as a registered herbalist, holistic nutritionist, auricular detoxification specialist, diabetes prevention educator, gardener, and author, she embodies the knowledge and passion for nurturing health.

Olive Seed is a testament to the essential role of primary and supplemental nutrition programs. With a holistic approach, the organization is committed to fostering wellness promotion and disease prevention, offering sustainable strategies that empower individuals to take control of their health journey.

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To serve as a conduit to wholeness, nourishment, and healing by providing the relationships, structures, spaces and practices that enable the optimal wellbeing of each member of our community.


To cultivate a vibrant, healthy community of self-empowered individuals who learn and thrive together.


To providing intentional service, pathways to wholeness, and catalyzing transformation within ourselves to foster positive change in our communities and worldwide.