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Insomnia Aid

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Insomnia Aid is a custom tea blend handcrafted for adults who can't sleep or stay asleep throughout the night. The herbal formula contains the best herbs for the job: Kava Kava, a sedative herb often used for sleeplessness and fatigue. Valerian is known as a tonic to tone the nerves, which aids in providing a solid night of sleep. Insomnia Aid is an excellent choice for those who wish to experience a night of deep refreshing sleep without side effects.

The soothing qualities of Kava Kava and Valerian root create a calm and relaxed feeling, promoting better sleep.

Insomnia Aid is a loose-leaf tea blend available in 1.5-ounce eco-friendly packaging, which will produce approximately 7 to 10 cups of tea, depending on how strong you like your brew.

chamomile flower, kava kava root, ginger root, hawthorn berry, catnip, peppermint leaf, valerian root