Facial analysis for jade face, aloof, fa-ling lines and rounded chin

Advanced Facial Diagnosis

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Discover who you really are to live a healthier, more authentic life. Your face shape teaches you about your communication style, symptom tendencies, and personality characteristics. Your facial features teach you about your health strengths and weaknesses and genetic tendencies and go even deeper into your personality.

With your Advanced Diagnosis, you will receive a written report of your facial diagnosis plus a 30-minute phone consultation with Latricia Wright. She will go over your facial diagnosis in greater depth and give you recommendations for achieving optimal health.

Photo requirements:

  • No selfies, as facial distortion is common.
  • Remove all face and ear jewelry.
  • A neutral expression will render the most accurate read.
  • Close-up, looking straight at the camera
  • Minimal to no makeup.
  • Avoid digital manipulation, such as filters.


Three photos:
Frontal – non-smiling;
Right side profile – hair pulled back from the ear, ear exposed
Left side profile – hair pulled back from the ear, ear exposed

    After payment, send photos to info@olive-seed.com with your order number. The report will be emailed in 5 - 7 days.