Rowland Formulas CHL Cholesterol Maintenance

CHL Cholesterol Maintenance

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CHL is an effective and all-natural cholesterol-lowering formula with no known side effects, and it has been found to be more effective than prescribed drugs. This product is beneficial for cases of hypercholesterolemia that don't respond to other treatments, such as lifestyle changes or thyroid therapy. It is also noteworthy that high cholesterol can be a symptom of an underlying thyroid issue. As a bonus, CHL also helps to reduce triglyceride levels.

The recommended use is four capsules daily, split into two servings and taken with meals.

The ingredients in each tablet are Red Yeast Rice Extract (110mg), Guggul Resin Extract (82.5mg), Niacin (55mg), Pantethine (55mg), and Phytosterols (22mg).

    Red Yeast Rice (statin-free), Gum Guggul, Niacin, Pantethine, Phytosterols.