Get to the root cause of your health complaints and insight into your body’s complex biochemistry with a Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis (FBCA).


FBCA provides the world’s most comprehensive blood chemistry analysis, processing up to 125 individual bio-markers for a deep analysis of your health.


FBCA uses sophisticated computer algorithms to analyze body systems, accessory systems, macro-nutrient systems, and the status of nutrients.


FBCA provides a concise and easy to interpret analysis report to identify your hidden health trends and track disease risk over time.

Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis (FBCA)

Unlike conventional blood analysis, which uses broad reference ranges to diagnose a disease, FBCA utilizes ‘functional’ ranges to determine disease risk and identify sub-clinical health problems long before they manifest as full-blown disease.

Many health problems can be prevented and appropriately managed with diet and lifestyle interventions with early detection. A great feature of FBCA is its ability to track your health indicators and disease risk over time. By comparing your results to previous tests, you can view your healthy trajectory and monitor the effects of any health-enhancing strategies you implement.

FBCA is one of the most valuable, efficient, and cost-effective screening tools for evaluating your health status and susceptibility to disease.

Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis provide amazing insight into your body's complex biochemistry!

Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis Process

1. Get a blood test
Either submit your completed blood work or order your blood work here
2. Send us your results
When your blood test results arrive email us a copy and we will run the analysis
3. Receive your report
We will send you your comprehensive FBCA report via email within 72 hours
4. Schedule a Consult
(optional) Get questions answered, receive recommendations for diet, lifestyle, and quality supplementation

Blood Markers

The FBCA can analyze over 100 individual biomarkers to provide deep insight into your body’s biochemistry. The more markers you get tested and provide for the analysis, the more accurate, revealing, and powerful your report will be. You can ask your healthcare provider to run the following panels or purchase blood tests listed below.

Markers for Women | Markers for Men

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