Herbal Remedies for Women’s Health

With today’s continual advances in medical sciences, prescription and over the counter medications are available for just about any malady that may strike. Just because these chemical medicines exists, does not mean they are always the best choice. Along with any help they may provide a host of unpleasant side effects often closely follows. Though sometimes overlooked, herbs often contain the remedies women may need for a host of concerns, without the inclusion of harsh chemicals. With hundreds to thousands of years of use supporting their efficacy and benefits, herbal remedies may be just the answer women need to address health concerns.

Concern: Thyroid Function
Remedy: Mullein has been shown to support proper thyroid function. This plant has no major side effects and also offers the benefits of having antibacterial properties and is shown to be beneficial in treating respiratory problems. Since the thyroid produces hormones are key in growth, metabolism function, body temperature, and more strengthening and supporting it through the use of mullein can be key for overall health and well-being.

How to Use It: Tea, poultice, oil, extract or supplement.

Concern: Low Iron Levels
Remedy: Low iron levels contribute to chronic fatigue, anemia, and more. Chickweed can help treat or prevent low iron levels because of the significant amount of iron it contains. Along with its high iron levels, this plant-based iron source also contains minerals such as magnesium, copper, and manganese.

How to Use It: Eat as a salad green, supplement, tea, tincture, ointment, bath soak

Concern: Blood Health
Remedy: Alfalfa literally translates as the “Father of All Foods” because of its exceptionally long root system that goes deep to derive many minerals from the earth. Alfalfa contains minerals such as iron, potassium, and zinc as well as vitamins A, B, C, E, and K. Among other benefits, alfalfa improves blood healthy by helping to clean and detoxify blood, lower blood pressure, reduce cholesterol, and reduce stroke risk.

How to Use It: Salad or sandwich garnish, tea, tincturecapsules

Concern: Low Calcium Levels
Remedy: Low calcium levels are a major concern for women, particularly as they age. Oat straw can be a major help to this problem with its high levels of plant-based, dairy free calcium. This easily bioavailable form of calcium can strengthen bones and teeth and heal fractures. It is also linked with helping to prevent and treat osteoporosis and osteopenia.

How to Use It: Tea, powder, supplement

Concern: Reproductive System Health
Remedy: The health of the reproductive system is key for women of all ages, not just those in childbearing years. Red Raspberry Leaf have been used for centuries to help with reproductive system health. Containing vitamin A, K, and B vitamins along with minerals such as magnesium, phosphorous, and potassium, Red Raspberry Leaf helps to strengthen and tone the uterine walls and relax the smooth muscle. It helps to reduce cramps, balance hormones, and boost fertility.

How to Use It: Tea, extractcapsules